VR Training and Seminars

VR Training and Seminars

Reduce training cost, risk and increase attention and knowledge retention rates with VR training and seminar. Virtual Reality technology is primarily used for training and seminar purposes in the industry. From surgeons to mechanics everyone takes advantage of the benefits of Virtual Reality.


Give your collaborators the true opportunity to learn. Our experiences, based on "tours for learning" methodologies, allows us to generate greater motivation and retention of information.

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Our virtual workplace environments and virtual tours, which we now have available, will replace the old ways of training, allowing for long-distance, multiple employee immersion, resulting in faster, more effective results throughout your entire team. 

These VR environments can serve many purposes: training and certification, safety protocols, education, and/or team building/morale boosting seminars, which are more cost-effective, impactful and productive, given the new, evolving VR standard.

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Key Features:

  • Develop comprehensive VR training programs for employees and partners

  • Get analytics metrics from the tracking system and improve your training KPI’s.

  • Reduce cost, recreating work scenario without spending on physical adjustment.

  • With immersive VR experience, you’ll get 100% safe workouts.

  • Users train through their own experience, achieving the highest level of retention possible.

  • An immersive VR experience allows you to track key points and concept without distractions.

  • Reduce space, time and distance to bring the best coaches to your employee.

“Explain your idea to us, and we will bring it to reality with the latest techniques in VR”