VR Rehabilitation and Healthcare

VR Rehabilitation and Healthcare

Today, technology makes an appearance in most of the circumstances and situations that we experience on a daily basis. The Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly used in rehabilitation by physiotherapists, therapists or other virtual reality rehabilitation health professionals for therapeutic purposes.

In this sense, virtual reality admits faster progress since it achieves greater concentration on the part of the patients and that any minimal effort is seen as great action, creating stimuli.

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Some of the most surprising applications of VR beyond medical care have to do with what is known as the Proteus effect: the emergence of an emotional bond between the user and their computer-generated avatar.

Virtual reality is now an alternative force in the medical field too, and QUBE VR is at the forefront, being driven by one of their core values, that virtual reality will change the world. We are ready to enact that change today.

At QUBE VR we specialize in the development of software and applications for virtual or augmented reality, content in three dimensions (3D) and 360º videos, with which it is possible to turn any negative situation into a totally positive experience for both patients and their relatives. 

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Key Features:

  • Chronic pain management

  • Medication addictions recovery

  • Easy traumatic brain injury (TBI) treatments

  • Virtual Training for medical students

“Explain your idea to us, and we will bring it to reality with the latest techniques in VR”