VR Product Configurator

VR Product Configurator

A product configurator today is a powerful solution that leverages the way your business presents. Surprise your customers and increase their interest in a totally new way with QUBE VR product configurator. With this tool, you can delight your customers through the product configuration capabilities offered by our 360-degree viewer.


At QUBE VR we specialise in VR design and development aimed at improving and automating the design, presentation, sale and management of products. QUBE VR's deployment supports more comprehensive offerings for your customers and gives them a new way to experience and customize your products.

Our configurators are set up and in place, creating options like 360-degree model viewers, custom add-ons and hands-on sensory environments, of everything from cars to foods, customers receive an added component of being able to get the best, most complete look at a product/services, before a purchase is made. With our configurators, all the possibilities of a product, no matter how many variants it has, are easily accessible and selectable.


Through these tools, patrons are offered the advantage of gaining all the information needed, in a most innovative way, without having to change their location or do their own research. Also, allowing them to customize and create an exact simulation, using all the available variation options, will make them feel more in control of the process. As the customer will be reassured that they are receiving exactly what they want, they will, in turn, purchase more confidently and return more regularly

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience

  • Fully Customizable

  • Accelerate your market strategy

  • Reduction of Errors

  • Changes in Real-Time

  • User Retention

“Explain your idea to us, and we will bring it to reality with the latest techniques in VR”