VR Home Configurator for Real Estate and Architecture

VR Home Configurator for Real Estate and Architecture

Bring your projects to life with immersive 360 virtual simulations. Allow future owners to experience how it will feel to be inside their dream property. Create an emotional connection that will give your clients a better idea of ​​the property, before visiting it. Any better selling tool than this? We don't believe it.

There is a change that is transforming the way the real estate industry works: virtual reality (VR). The power of VR technology can help your real estate business, gain more clients, and provide high-level services. It is particularly important to adopt this new technology today when most of the clients start looking for their home online.

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At QUBE VR we shape your ideas, designs and real estate projects in the fastest and most impressive way possible, long before they are actually built. Our VR solutions are ready to offer many advantages in the architecture, real estate and contracting sectors. From virtual home designers and configurators, where the buyer can experience every inch of the space they wish to build. It is a set of real estate promotion tools that allows you to show your clients an interactive tour of a property so that they can have a immersive experience of the property before seeing it.

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We aim to develop all the Real Estate marketing tools needed to be able to accelerate the number of sales and generate trust in your client in order to ease their decision making process while purchasing a property through our VR solutions.

Architects and contractors can use our technology to better explain and understand blueprints, schematics and plans which will allow them to pass that knowledge on to their staff and the buyers. QUBE VR can upgrade your real estate portfolio by providing immersive, interactive virtual tours to drive sales, and save you both money and time.


Key Features:

  • Off-line Digital Support

  • Build Emotional Connections

  • Offers Global Scope

  • Instant Sense of Ownership

  • Save time and money

“Explain your idea to us, and we will bring it to reality with the latest techniques in VR”