VR Arcade Gaming

VR Arcade Gaming

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Harness the power of gamification in your activations with custom VR arcade games and offer your audience an engaging and immersive experience. We have customizable games for your clients with which you can create a unique brand experience.


QUBE VR has unique gaming solutions with multiple options at ready to implement for your clients and customers. At QUBE VR we believe that virtual reality is the future of the film, video games and entertainment industries in general. This allows total immersion that blurs the lines between realities

Whether you want to create a game for your personal use, a brick and mortar arcade, to highlight your brand, or for education and training purposes, QUBE VR’s experienced designers will tailor-make a gorgeous, multi-sensory game, or games, sure to be the flagship of your project. From strategising to the functional configuration and, finally, the end product goal; we have all the bases covered.

Use them for contests, events, promotions, fairs or points of sale and listen to them say: WOW!

Key Features:

  • We customize immersive games- pick the game and customize the stage with branding element

  • Game with single player and multiple players

  • Manage to attract your target audience and achieve brand retention, leading a fun and positive experience.

“Explain your idea to us, and we will bring it to reality with the latest techniques in VR”