VR Arcade


QUBE VR has gaming solutions at the ready to implement for your clients and customers.

An end-to-end Virtual Reality Development Company, started by veteran entrepreneurs, artists and game creators, based in Mumbai, India.  


At QUBE VR, we specialise in the creation and implementation of immersive, customisable VR applications: VR Training and Education, VR Experiences and seminars, VR Healthcare and VR Gaming. QUBE VR is dedicated to creating high-quality, seamless VR products and solutions for individuals and businesses for platforms like HTC Vive, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.


VR Arcade Gaming

Our VR games are ready to transport you inside the world we create together. From role playing to puzzle games, our quality, 

gorgeous and engaging gaming 

VR Product Configurator

Our product solutions can allow audiences to customise a product to their exact specifications. The VR platform we create will allow interactive models, in all color, style and add-on variations 

VR Home Configurator for Real   Estate and Architecture

Using our VR solutions to design, construct or sell homes will provide interactive, beautiful and exact platforms, as they would be seen in the real world

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VR Immersive Experiences for   Creative Marketing

QUBE VR’s immersive marketing solutions can create an immersive, mesmerising and directed experience for your brand


VR  Rehabilitation and Healthcare

Our recent research has shown there to be a great number of medical benefits to using VR as a conduit for care


VR Training and Seminars

Our virtual workplace environments and virtual tours, which we now have available, will replace the old ways of training